Welcome to Feed the Real World™, where we will connect you to the men and women around the world whose work brings food to our grocery stores, our farmer's markets, and the restaurant down the street. The world faces a tremendous challenge in the coming years as our population grows to over nine billion people, the amount of land available for food production continues to decline, and water becomes an even more precious commodity.

At Feed the Real World we believe there is need and opportunity for agricultural producers of all types. The philosophy that drives our approach to bringing news and information to you is: Yes and…™

  • Yes, we all have a right to choose how our food is grown and processed; And we must feed one-third more people in the next 40 years;
  • Yes, small, local producers fill a vital niche in the food production chain; And there is a need for the tools of modern biotechnology;
  • Yes, feeding the real world requires all of the tools at our disposal; And farmers of all size can and should benefit from what sciencebo brings to food production.
  • Over the next few months you will be able to watch the growth of Feed the Real World and as we grow we sincerely hope that your knowledge and awareness of the issues facing food producers and food consumers will grow with us. We will be writing and sharing our thoughts on global hunger, food production methods, agriculture and the environment, and the interplay of food and social issues.

    Thank you for joining us and check back often for new sections and information.

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